Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Reviews | Ideal Top Coat For You?

Beauty isn’t just about your hair and makeup; maintaining a classy look is also important. What better than groomed and polished nails? We all love to have our nails done well, making our hands look high-class and chic, right?

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Reviews

We know that as hard as nails are, they are quite sensitive too. We can’t just throw in any and everything on them at the price of their health. Finding something suitable and required in a world of chemical products is difficult. But here’s the catch with Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel, which claims to be the ideal nail gel without causing them harm. Let us look into the details with some genuine Sally Hansen Miracle Gel reviews to determine whether or not to use it. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Reviews | Does It Prove To Be A Miracle?

About Sally Hansen

An American Beauty brand founded in 1946 by Sally Hansen, it is famous for its innovatively formulated and affordable beauty products, promoting beauty that really works. Sally Hansen is distributed in over 55 countries worldwide and is the number 1 nail brand in the U.S.A.

Sally Hansen is not just about nails, as they claim and spanned their products into 5 beauty categories – nail color, nail care, hair removal, sunless tanning, and beauty tools. They believe in the power of self-made beauty and that it is better done by yourself. 

About the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is the ultimate chip-resistant nail polish for longer wear, even when your hands are busy and occupied. The formula used to make this claim offers durability for a longer period of time – about 2 weeks- without disturbing the shine of your nails.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

This gel gives a gel-like finish with no UV lamp being required. The formulation and the color ranges provided have grabbed the attention of many nail and beauty enthusiasts from all over the world. 

Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In Nailcare 

There are no special Sally Hansen Miracle Gel ingredients. Still, a key point to consider is that formaldehyde, toluene, DBP, or camphor in Sally Hansen Gel is not used, which can be found in many other polishes. This is one of the few things you would want to consider if you prefer natural nail care. Listing below the use and effects of the major ingredients NOT used in Sally Hansen Miracle Gel.


Regular use may make your nails brittle, leading to peeling or breaking them. Exposure to larger doses may pose a threat to chronic health problems. There may even be some skin irritation or allergic reaction to the product after application.


While toluene helps form a smooth finish, it can cause irritation to the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract when it is in close contact. 

Toxic Ingredients To Avoid In Nailcare 


Dibutyl Phthalate is used to help reduce the chipping of the polish. Animal studies have shown increased inhalation may threaten the reproductive or immune system.


Camphor is less toxic and harmful than the previous 3 ingredients and is used to give a glossy finish to the nail; it has a chance to trigger skin irritation that may also lead to allergic reactions.

How to use the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel?

We all know how easy it is to apply nail polish, but we must also follow certain steps to achieve good results. Applying the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is easy and can be done in 5 simple steps to get results worth the time!

  • To start with, you need to make sure that your nails are clean and dry. You can wash them thoroughly and dry them using hand towels.
  • To clean properly, use a nail polish remover to clean your nails and have them completely cleared of any left residue. 
  • Start applying one coat of the Miracle Gel color. Give it a second coating to have good coverage. 
  • Let the nail gel rest for 5 minutes to ensure it is well-dried. 
  • After completely drying the color, apply 1 coat of Miracle Top Coat. It gives the same but glossy look as the nail gel color. 
How to use the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

How To Remove It?

Removal of this nail gel is as simple and easy as any other polish. Follow the following steps to have it done with ease.

  • Take a wipe and dip it in your nail gel remover.
  • Rub it over your nails slowly and smoothly.
  • Finish it with a final wipe on the nail, clearing out the nail gel completely. 

Benefits of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

  • Sally Hansen Miracle Gel is a simple 2-step gel polish that one can easily use at home. 
  • Only 2 coats of the nail gel would suffice to give a good color. 
  • Also, this nail gel does not require UV light to cure and gives a polished finishing touch. 
Benefits of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel


As this is a nail gel, it poses difficulty to be removed. Most nail polishes generally are removed easily when the nail polish remover is used once, but as this is a gel, it is more challenging than normal polishes. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Reviews | Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a valuable input for the probable customers and the brand. Following are a few of the many reviews that the customers shared.

One user commented, “I like the applicator that comes with the Miracle Gel as it makes the application of the gel real easy. The drying time is also good, and the top coat makes the nail polish stay for a long without chipping”

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Reviews

A user, HoopDreamz, shares on the Brand’s website, “I love this polish! It is one of the best polishes in the game. It gives your nail the perfect finish and gel shine. Many of my friends and acquaintances always admire my nails! Definitely recommended!”

Another user, Collumb Valerie, shares her disappointment, saying, “This nail polish is too thick and requires 2 coatings. Also, when I try to make the second coat, the brush marks are visible, making my nails look bad. I won’t be using this ever again!”

One more disappointed user shares, “This product was claimed to be chip-resistant, but it peels very badly. I would not recommend this as paying extra for the gel-like is not worth it!”

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish 101 Top Coat, 0.5 Fl Oz (Packaging May Vary)
  • You may receive this item in older packaging
  • THE SALON LOOK: Get the salon look at home with Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Polish Lacquer, the only truly 2-step gel hybrid manicure with no UV/LED light needed
  • A LOOK THAT LASTS: A gorgeous manicure that lasts longer
  • SAY GOODBYE TO CHIPPING: Formulated to be the ultimate chip-resistant nail polish
  • EASY ON, EASY OFF: Removes just like regular nail polish

FAQs | Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Reviews 

How long does the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel take to dry?

The brand claims it is an easy step-by-step process that should not take too long if done correctly. They say, “One stroke, One coat, Done. It dries in 60 seconds”. This shows that the Sally Hansen nail gel application isn’t very time-consuming and is a lengthy process. It can easily be done within a minute for each nail. 

Is Sally Hansen Gel any good?

The answer is a simple yes! Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Gel has many benefits and is good due to its ingredients not having toxicants. The formulation is very well made, keeping nail care in mind.  

Is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel hard to remove?

According to the brand’s claims and many customers, Sally Hansen Nail Gel is not hard to remove; rather, it comes off easier than other gels. 

How many colors does Sally Hansen Miracle Gel have?

This chip-resistant Miracle Gel has over 70 colors available for customers to suit them with their outfits for all occasions. 

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Reviews | Closure

Looking at the various Sally Hansen Miracle Gel reviews and feedback, along with the brand’s claim, it is safe to say that this Miracle Gel is good and affordable for its value. If the steps are followed well, this Miracle Gel will work wonders and give the satisfactory results all women out there would like to have, all at home!

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