Does Supergoop Glowscreen Cause Breakouts? | How So?

In the world of skincare and beauty, a few products create an insane amount of buzz and compel users to try them. One such product is the Supergoop Glowscreen, which has quickly become one of the favorites among skincare enthusiasts, and it is quite easy to see why! This revolutionary sunscreen protects the skin and gives you a radiant glow.

Does Supergoop Glowscreen Cause Breakouts

However, questions arise with any new product that hits the market and gains attention. One of the most common and important concerns for users was – ‘does Supergoop Glowscreen cause breakouts?’ So, to get that answer, let’s dive into some of the details, user experiences, and other important stuff you need to know.

Does Supergoop Glowscreen Cause Breakouts | Here’s What You Need To Know

Before clarifying your doubts, let’s learn about the iconic Supergoop Glowscreen. The brand Supergoop is known for its revolutionizing sunscreen. If you get irritated with the thought of applying sunscreens over your face, then there’s good news for you! The Supergoop Glowscreen makes you forget the days of thick, greatest SPF that makes your skin feel suffocating. 

With its broad SPF 40, this tinted sunscreen is not limited to providing your skin the protection it desperately needs. But it is a multi-functional skincare product that acts as a primer and gives you a dewy glow. Not just that, it even hydrates your skin so you can feel the glow from within. In all, the Supergoop Glowscreen sounds perfect for the no-makeup makeup look. 

Well, that was what the Supergoop Glowscreen was all about, but before you slather it on your face, let’s find out whether it is your skin’s friend or a nightmare dressed like a daydream!

What is Inside Supergoop Glowscreen – Supergoop Glowscreen Ingredients 

One of the most important things to look for to get the answer – ‘Does Supergoop Glowscreen cause breakouts?’ is the list of its ingredients. Glowscreen contains a mix of chemical UV filters like Avobenzone, Octisalate, and Octocrylene. This blend does an incredible job of protecting the skin from UV damage. 

Supergoop Glowscreen Ingredients 

The Glowscreen is also infused with skin-loving ingredients like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B5, niacinamide, and sea lavender. All these together leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and soft. Sea lavender also contributes to the protection of skin with the help of its antioxidant nature. Your skin gets a dewy and radiant glow.

However, some of the ingredients in sunscreen, like Mica and Coco-Caprylate, can be irritating and comedogenic. Coco-Caprylate is derived from coconut oil, which is said to be comedogenic and clog pores. Similarly, Mica, though considered to be non-comedogenic, can cause irritation or itchiness and can lead to breakouts. Considering these factors, Supergoop Glowscreen can not be your bestie if you have oily or acne-prone skin. 

Know Your Skin Type 

When trying out any skincare or beauty product, knowing your skin type is the most important thing to understand. There are different products specifically designed for different types of skin. There are certain ingredients that dry skin desperately needs, whereas some ingredients that oily skin needs to avoid.

It’s not necessary that a product has to be suitable for you if thousands of others love it. Well, the Supergoop Glowscreen has to be one such example! You may want to skip if you have severe acne-prone or oily skin. Here are some honest user reviews that might help you understand this better.

Supergoop Glowscreen

User Experiences 

A user, M. Pappas, commented about having acne-prone skin and using this sunscreen, ‘The Supergoop Glowscreen is not for acne-prone skin. I wanted to love it so much, and initially, I did. I was very excited, but I noticed a huge breakout at the end of the day. So disappointed with this!’

However, a few users like Allison K. did not notice any breakouts as she commented, ‘I love using this sunscreen around the weekends. It is gleaming, so you gotta be prepared for that. But it still gives you a gorgeous natural look and feels like the only makeup needed. I haven’t had any breakouts since I started using it, so it’s great news!’

Ashley Henson was also disappointed as she shared, ‘It gives you bad breakouts! I never had bad acne, and I am 29 years old and started getting horrible hormonal acne. And this started because I used sunscreen. I never thought it would be because of the sunscreen, but after discussing it with my friends, they said the same thing. They even broke out after using Supergoop. I won’t be using this now!’

Supergoop Glowscreen before and after

Carissa J. did not have much problem with the Glowscreen, but she mentioned how it caused slight breakouts. She said, ‘I like the smooth and silky texture as it goes on the skin. It adds a beautiful, radiant glow; however, since I have acne-prone skin, it gives me subtle breakouts like other sunscreens. But I will continue using it around my cheeks and eyes to get that glow!’

How To Use Supergoop Glowscreen Without Breaking Out?

By now, you would have understood or at least might have gotten a slight answer to the question – ‘does Supergoop Glowscreen cause breakouts?’ Considering the majority of the Supergoop Glowscreen reviews, people who had oily skin, sensitive skin, and acne-prone skin were the ones who experienced breakouts and skin irritation. There’s also a way to use sunscreen; many people don’t know how to properly use it and wonder if sunscreen goes before or after moisturizer.

However, to avoid breakouts, try following the below points to minimize the risk.

  • Patch test: This is one of the most important things to do when trying a new skincare product. Do a patch test first to check for any reactions or allergies.
  • Cleanse: This is especially for acne-prone or oily skin. Whenever you use this sunscreen, cleanse or even double cleanse your skin at the end of the day so there is no buildup or clogging of pores.
  • Exfoliate: Here’s another tip to avoid having your pores clogged. Exfoliating your skin gently can prevent clogged pores and keep breakouts away.
  • Go Slow: When you start using this sunscreen for the first time, go slow with its regular use. Use it once or twice a week before you start using it daily. See how your skin reacts and adjusts to it.
How To Use Supergoop Glowscreen Without Breaking Out

FAQs | Does Supergoop Glowscreen Cause Breakouts

Is the Supergoop Glowscreen acne safe?

Supergoop Glowscreen may not be considered acne-safe or be an ideal choice for acne-prone or oily skin types. It contains a few ingredients like Coco-Caprylate that can be comedogenic for some users. The presence of Mica can also be irritating to sensitive skin and can lead to breakouts. However, acne-prone skin users should use it cautiously and perform a patch test.

Is Supergoop Glowscreen good for sensitive skin?

Supergoop Glowscreen is formulated with skin-loving ingredients like niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, which can soothe and hydrate skin. However, sunscreen contains other ingredients or chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. So, as per the drill, don’t forget to do a patch test!

Is Supergoop Glowscreen a chemical or physical sunscreen?

SUpergoop Glowscreen is primarily a chemical sunscreen as it contains chemical UV filters like Avobenzone, Octisalate, and Octocrylene that absorb UV radiation. It relies majorly on these chemical ingredients for sun protection.

Final Thoughts

So, does Supergoop Glowscreen cause breakouts? The answer is not direct or crystal clear because while some users have enjoyed using this sunscreen, others with oily and acne-prone skin have reported breakouts. The main idea lies in understanding your skin type, and when trying out a new product, go slow and monitor your skin’s reaction to these products. 

If you do not have acne-prone or sensitive skin and maintain a good skincare routine, Supergoop Glowscreen can be your go-to product for sun protection and a beautiful glow and radiance that feels like you have makeup on!

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