Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews | Is the Hype Real?

With Il Makiage flooding over all my socials, the marketing spell worked on me and compelled me to try their products. I skipped their makeup line as the skincare section looked more promising. Since I ran out of my moisturizer, I decided to try the viral Power Lift Plumping Cream. 

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews

To know more about my experience and understand the product in detail, let’s hop into the Il Makiage Power Lift Cream reviews. 

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews | Promises or a Prank?

Being the largest organ in the human body, the skin quickly displays our age as we grow and reveals unwanted facial imperfections. As a great matter of concern, women tend to prevent signs of aging by using multiple skincare products. Numerous beauty brands claim to turn back the clock and maintain the youthfulness of the face; however, only a few can live up to the claim. 

The Power Lifting Plumping Cream by Il Makiage recently stole the spotlight due to its organic, vegan, and cruelty-free formula. It claims to provide instant hydration and plump skin while promising long-term anti-aging benefits

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews

Sourced from the official website and their customer reviews, a summary of the claims and benefits of incorporating the cream into your skincare regime is below.

  • The cream provides instant hydration and gives smooth and supple skin.
  • It helps to fade the look of fine lines and wrinkles with gradual use.
  • Incorporating this cream makes the skin look brighter and shinier.
  • It balances uneven skin tone, fades away pigmentation, and reveals an inner radiant glow.
  • Makeup application becomes easier as the cream acts like a hydrating primer and sets the canvas for an effortless look.
  • It claims to ward off the appearance of facial imperfections and treat mature skin.
  • Prevent the visible signs of aging. 

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Ingredients

Vegan Collagen

The infusion of collagen in cosmetics and skincare helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier. It also promotes elasticity and improves the look of fine lines and pores, resulting in firmer-looking skin. Collagen is generally derived from animals and used in beauty products. A vegan alternative to collagen is sourced from plants. This Power Lifting Cream claims to boost collagen with 100% animal-free sources. 

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Ingredients


Retinol or Vitamin A possesses numerous skin benefits. It is a multi-tasking ingredient; it exfoliates and wards off dirt and impurities to unclog pores and promote cell regrowth. A study conducted by the Dermatology Department of the University of Michigan Medical School, USA, revealed the contribution of Retinol-based products in anti-aging and strengthening fragile dermis. It is also known to treat hyperpigmentation and foster youthful complexion.


Glycerin is a natural humectant derived from animal and vegetable fats. A gel-like syrupy ingredient treats dry and irritated skin with intense hydration. It makes the skin smooth and healthy. 



Typically used to heal heart conditions, Adenosine also has skin-enhancing properties. It enhances skin elasticity, provides optimum hydration, and stimulates collagen production. A research study by the National Library of Medicine confirms the role of Adenosine in combating aging signs and restoring youthful skin. 

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Pros 

  • Organic formula
  • Superlight texture 
  • Non greasy and hypoallergenic
  • Compatible with makeup
  • Gives smoother and softer-looking skin
  • Diminishes the look of fine lines and creases
  • Minimises pores
  • Balances the overall skin tone and reveals brighter skin
  • Improves hydration and nourishment
  • Firms and uplifts skin for a youthful glow
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Hygienic and air-tight packaging 
  • Vegan ingredients
  • 100% cruelty-free
  • Zero parabens and phthalates 
  • Free from DEA and SLS
  • Dermat-approved 
Il Makiage Power Lift Cream


  • It contains fragrance.
  • Many people are unsure about the product.

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Alternative

If you are unsure about trying this product, here is an affordable alternative. The Vegan Collagen Overnight Recovery Cream from Pacifica Beauty provides similar benefits and is equally efficient. The ingredients of the product match the Il Makiage Power Lift Plumping Cream. 

Formulated with plant-sourced collagen flower extracts, antioxidants, and Vitamin C, the creams claim to improve skin hydration 20x better than conventional marine collagen. It provides anti-aging benefits and caters to all skin types, making it an ideal alternative.

Key Ingredients

  • Vegan Collagen
  • Glycerin
  • Sunflower Seed Oil
  • Vitamin E and Vitamin C
  • Jasmine Flower Extract 


  • Provides intense hydration 
  • Skin nourishing ingredients
  • Helps smoothen, soften, and plump the skin
  • Vegan, clean and cruelty-free
  • No added parabens


  • The citrus scent may induce irritation.

In the Consumer’s Lens | Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews 

Before I share my experience, let me brief you about my skin type. I have dry skin and saginess around my under-eye area. I also have crow’s feet and light wrinkles on my forehead. I bought this lifting cream and began using it twice a day. Within a month, I observed that my skin was healthier and supple. The dullness around my eyes had slightly faded, and my overall experience was good. 

However, a single review is insufficient to know the product’s potency. Thus, I have compiled real user experiences to help you understand better.

Greta shared, “I am a 51-year-old woman struggling with dry and wrinkly skin. Having used numerous creams for fresh and younger-looking skin, this is hands down the most effective plumping cream. I use it twice a day, and the results are noticeable. My skin feels hydrated, plumped, and healthy.”

l Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews 

Jasmine commented, “I usually don’t leave reviews, but this product compelled me to express my satisfaction. I wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise, I could witness my under-eye area improve and look brightened with every use. I no longer spend on primers as this is the perfect pro-skin alternative that helps me keep my makeup looking flawless.”

Sharon wrote, “I have been using this cream for a while now, and I can already see a transformation. My overall skin tone is balanced, and I have fewer flare-ups. The plumping cream lives up to its claims and does what it promises. I would recommend this to anyone dealing with dry and mature skin.”

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews 

Lily reviewed, “I heard raving reviews about the cream, and based on the users’ experiences online, I decided to try the plumping cream. Unfortunately, the fragrance is overpowering, leading to inflammation and breakouts. I don’t understand what the hype is about.”

Frequently Asked Questions | Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews

What does Il Makiage Power Lift Cream do?

The Power Lift cream instantly hydrates skin and makes it look smooth, soft, and plump. It contains skin-nourishing ingredients that target the visible signs of aging.

Is Il Makiage good for aging skin?

Yes, the Il Makiage Power Lift Plumping cream is formulated with anti-aging skin ingredients that combat premature signs of aging by diminishing the appearance of fine lines, large pores, and wrinkles. 

Il Makiage Power Lift Cream

What are the ingredients of the Il Makiage Power Lift Cream?

The Il Makiage Power Lift cream is power-packed with Vegan Collagen, Glycerine, Adenosine, and Retinol to help restore hydration and combat symptoms of aging skin.

What are the Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews?

Most users are satisfied with the cream and describe it as the perfect addition to their routine, whereas another group of people are still skeptical about the product and find it average.

Do we have an alternative for the Il Makiage Power Lift Cream?

The Vegan Collagen Overnight Recovery Cream from Pacifica Beauty is the closest alternative to the Il Makiage Power Lift Plumping Cream. The formulas of both creams are similar, and they are equally potent.

The Final Say | Il Makiage Power Lift Cream Reviews

As we age, we look for relevant skincare products that help us slow down aging signs and prevent them from reflecting on the face. Numerous beauty brands advertise themselves as the best, but only some stay true to their claims. 

The Il Makiage Power Lift Plumping Cream is one of the viral skincare products that received rave reviews. So, I have shared my experience with the product, analyzed its ingredients, and compiled genuine Il Makiage Power Lift Cream reviews to help you decode its potency. 

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