Is Native Body Wash Good? Who Shouldn’t Use It?

Body washes have become an essential part of our daily routines, like daily hygiene routines. Honestly, even our body deserves to be loved and nourished with skincare products that keep the skin refreshed and lively. Unlike traditional soaps, body washes are liquid and enriched with several skin-loving ingredients that cater to different skin types. 

Finding the perfect body wash that suits your skin might be hard in the ever-evolving skincare industry. Among thousands of options. Native Body Wash has managed to garner a significant amount of attention for its ingredients and the way it works. But is Native Body Wash good? Is it as effective as it claims to be? In this guide, I’ll give you insight into the details of Native Body Wash so you can make your own decisions.

Is Native Body Wash Good? Your Guide To The Ultimate Truth  

Before we get into the details, let’s learn a bit about the Native brand so you can feel more informed about its products. The brand creates clean, simple, and effective daily-use products, such as deodorants, body washes, lotions, and hair care. The philosophy of the brand revolves around simplicity and transparency. It focuses on the importance of responsible sourcing and environmentally friendly practices.

What Is Native Body Wash?

Native Body Wash is a personal care product designed to give you a luxurious lather experience in the shower. It leaves your skin feeling so soft and smooth that it feels like you’ve got a spa done for your skin. It also hydrates the skin with its plant-based and naturally-driven ingredients so your skin feels and looks happily healthy. The Body Wash also features Citric acid for a pH balance in your skin, and the best part is that it does not contain parabens, phthalates, sulfated surfactants, or even dyes.

What Is In The Native Body Wash?

To know the answer of – ‘is Native Body Wash good’, one of the essential things to look for is the ingredients present in it. Let’s look at some of its beneficial ingredients and potentially harmful ones so you know what you are slathering on your body.

Beneficial Ingredients In Native Body Wash

The Native Body Wash is formulated with plant-based and naturally derived ingredients that cater to your skin’s needs. Let’s look at some ingredients that help cleanse and nourish the body.

What Is In The Native Body Wash?

Citric Acid: It is used to adjust or balance the pH and ensures a skin-friendly level of acidity in the product. With this, the Native Body Wash remains gentle and non-irritating on the skin. 

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate: This surfactant is a cleansing agent derived from coconut oil. It effectively and gently removes dirt or impurities from the skin so you can feel the ‘squeaky-clean effect.’

Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate: It is another cleansing agent that works gently on the skin to show its incredible washing properties. It also has foam-boosting properties that can help lather the body wash.

Potentially Harmful Ingredients 

Cocamidopropyl Betaine: Cocamidopropyl Betaine was considered to be an allergen. It was said that it could irritate the skin. To learn more about this, visit this page.

Sodium benzoate: Though considered safe, sodium benzoate can be harmful when combined with vitamin C or ascorbic acid. 

Variety of Scents

Native offers a diverse range of scents, about 24 different scents, so there is something for everyone. Whether you like a fresh cucumber and mint scent or a cozy, warm aroma like coconut and Vanilla, the Native Body Wash has it all. These scents provide a pleasant shower experience as they aren’t overpowering and work subtly.

Some of the famous scents you get in Native Body Wash are:

  • Coconut & Vanilla: A warm fragrance that combines the sweet and creamy aroma of coconut with the rich and comforting scent of vanilla.
  • Cucumber & Mint: A cooling and refreshing scent that combines the goodness and crisp notes of cucumber, spearmint, and apple.
  • Charcoal: A smoky scent where a volcano meets the sea. It includes a blend of marine and mineral notes, ocean fresh, to be specific, and a hint of citrus.
  • Eucalyptus & Mint: A revitalizing and soothing combination of the clean aroma of eucalyptus and spearmint with soft floral notes. 
  • Lavender & Rose: A calming and floral fragrance of the relaxing scent of lavender with the sweet aroma of rose.
Ingredients In Native Body Wash

If you are crazy about scents in your body washes, then Native Body Wash should be the one that comes to your mind. They give you a pleasant and enjoyable shower with a wide range of warm, cool, and floral scents.


The Native Body Wash retails for around $10. Now, for some people, investing a dozen bucks in a body wash may not sound that cool. Moreover, there are soap bars that cost much less and last much longer than body washes do. However, if you are a fan of body washes and have no problem spending money on them, try them on!

User Reviews

Knowing the answer to ‘Is Native Body Wash good?’ by going through authentic and honest customer or user reviews and experiences is very helpful! 

Positive reviews

Donna W. happily shared, ‘It feels too good to be true! I love body wash, and its fragrance is something to die for! It feels like I am experiencing a spa feel each time I use it. Moreover, it leaves my skin feeling soft. I will buy it again!’

Another user shared, ‘I highly recommend this product. I love it! The scent is amazing, and no residue is left on my body. I usually have dry skin and don’t face that problem using this body wash. I have tried different scents from the brand, and I love them all!’

Alex commented, ‘Overall, it is a nice body wash that gives you a refreshing feel. I chose this body wash because it started getting popular among my friends. The scent is nice, and there was no chemical-like smell after I used it, unlike other body washes. It moisturizes my skin pretty well and refreshes me from the shower. I recommend that people try it on first, but for me, it does a pretty decent job as a body wash.’

Negative reviews

Nancy was super disappointed when she wrote, ‘They now started adding sodium benzoate to the body wash. It is a lab-made chemical and is now in this bottle. I strictly do not recommend it. I knew it was just a matter of time till they started destroying the title of natural brand. The new owners of this company know there will be chemicals added slowly to their products. I am going to stop using this product!’

Karena was upset over the packaging as she said, ‘It would be very helpful if they include a pump in this bottle. Many body washes are easy to squeeze or have a pump-style cap for dispensing the product easily. The scent is more like lavender than rose. However, I will not buy it again unless they change the packaging and include a pump!’

Carla B. commented, ‘The Citrus & Herbal Musk is too strong for me. I can’t even use it because it smells so bad to me. I have asthma, which is made worse by allergies and bronchitis. It makes it hard for me to breathe!’

 Native Body Wash

FAQs | Is Native Body Wash Good

Is Native Body Wash good for dry skin?

Since the body wash includes citric acid and a derivative of coconut oil, it can help fight dryness. Coconut oil is incredible for dry skin as it helps lock in moisture and creates a soft and hydrated look on your skin. Several user experiences also claim that the Native Body Wash helped moisturize their skin and left it soft and smooth.

Can I use Native Body Wash on my face?

Generally, it is recommended not to use any body washes on your face. This is because your facial skin is more delicate and requires different formulas that cater to the specific problems of your skin. However, if it does not bother your skin, then you may use it. But if you have sensitive skin, do not proceed with this idea!

Can you use Native Body Wash on your pets?

Using Native Body Wash on your pets isn’t really a great idea. Animals’ skin has a different pH compared to humans. Moreover, the body wash was designed to consider human skin and not otherwise.


So, is Native Body Wash good? Well, considering various factors, you can decide for yourself. If you are a fragrance-lover or someone who loves having scented products in their body washes, you are in for a treat! The wide range of scents will compel you to buy the Native Body Wash.

However, considering some important factors, including harmful chemicals like sodium benzoate, people are unhappy with the body wash. Some users feel the brand is now transitioning from a clean brand to using chemicals in their products so you can enjoy the aromatic experience of the Native Body Wash.

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