Lion Pair Acne Cream Review | Best Acne Treatment?

While Korean Beauty products have gotten the limelight, Japanese skincare remains underrated. However, lately, people have started acknowledging the effectiveness of J-Beauty products and incorporating them into their skincare routines. One of the viral Japanese products is the Lion Pair Cream. 

Lion Pair Acne Cream Review

It is an acne spot treatment that claims to control hormonal and adult acne. But is it as effective as portrayed or just another beauty bluff? To find out, I have delved deep into the product and analyzed its functions and ingredients. In this Lion Acne Pair Cream review, I will also compile consumer testimonies to understand the product better.

Lion Pair Acne Cream Review | Worth A Try? 

Studies reveal that 80% of young adults and teenagers deal with acne. Multiple physiological factors, including hormones, genetics, and stress, cause the inflammatory chronic skin condition. Moreover, the use of comedogenic skincare products and cosmetic blunders such as improper makeup cleansing can add to active acne.


There are several ways in which acne can be tackled. According to the National Library of Medicine, effective acne treatment methods include topical, systemic, and physical treatment and CAM (complementary and alternative medicines). 

The direct application of products on the affected area is a topical treatment method. It is effective but may cause skin irritation. The Lion Pair Acne Cream is a spot-on acne topical treatment that claims not to irritate the skin and prevent inflamed active acne. 

Lion Pair Acne Cream Ingredients 

The Lion Pair Acne Cream contains two active ingredients: Ibuprofen Piconol and Isopropyl Methylphenol. They work together to control acne and treat it without irritating the skin. Other ingredients include Stearyl Alcohol and Polysorbate-60.

Ibuprofen Piconol (IPPN) 3.0%

Many Japanese skincare solutions commonly use Ibuprofen Piconol. It is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that treats all types of acne and improves skin. 

According to a clinical evaluation conducted by the Fujita Health University, Japan, “The usefulness of 3% IPPN cream for acne vulgaris has been proven. Its efficacy was determined in 93 out of 100 patients tested, and safety was determined in 97.” 

Additionally, a survey reveals the feel of this component as non-sticky and non-drying. It also spreads well and has a pleasing odor.

Lion Pair Acne Cream Ingredients

Isopropyl Methylphenol (IBMP) 0.3%

Isopropyl Methylphenol is found in a plethora of topical acne ointments. The cream contains 0.3% of Isopropyl Methylphenol. It is a preservative that prevents oxidation in many cosmetics and personal products while actively working to destroy bacteria and prevent inflammation and skin irritation. 

Features and Functions of Lion Pair Acne Cream 

Quantity and Price

The Lion Pair Cream comes in two sizes: 14 grams and 24 grams. The price of both the creams ranges from JP¥950 to JP¥1,450. However, discounts on online retail websites such as Amazon, YesStyle, and eBay offer pretty affordable combo deals.

Texture and Consistency

It is a white lotion-like cream that becomes transparent when applied. It is gentle, light, and noncomedogenic. It is compatible with other skincare products and super comfortable under makeup. I use it after my serum and lock it with moisturizer. It is hydrating and super refreshing.

Lion Pair Acne Cream 


It comes in a metal tube to prevent the product’s deterioration and discoloration. However, the tube could be more convenient as taking out a particular amount is difficult, resulting in waste.


  • The Lion Pair Acne Cream is effective.
  • It contains active ingredients that possess anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It treats adult acne and hormonal acne without irritation and redness.
  • The product is gentle and lightweight and does not cause pilling.
  • The PH level of the product is close to that of the skin, making it suitable for all skin types.
  • It is easy to incorporate into a skincare regime.
  • The treatment can be safely used on active, inflamed acne and as a preventive measure.
  • It is refreshing and hydrating and does not make the skin dry.
  • It can be used in the morning and night.
Lion Pair Acne Cream Review


  • It contains fragrance.
  • It has parabens as a preservative.
  • The packaging could be more convenient.

How to Use Lion Pair Acne Cream Reviews? 

The directions are mentioned on the official website. They are as given below:

  • The cream can be used multiple times in a day.
  • A thin layer must be applied on the affected areas post-cleansing.
  • It is advised to use the product on the affected areas only, and one should avoid applying it all over the skin.
  • Be careful while using it near the eyes. If it gets in the eyes, wash it off immediately and seek ophthalmic care if irritation persists.
  • Keep out of reach of children.

Customer Experiences | Lion Pair Acne Cream Review

I have been using this spot treatment for months now, and it has become my go-to acne treatment. Before sharing my experience, let me brief you about my skin. I have combination skin, but I am prey to hormonal breakouts. I get terrible acne on my chin as a pre-period symptom. Having used numerous acne spot creams that tend to cause skin irritation and dryness, I was skeptical about this product.

I read rave reviews on the internet and decided to give it a shot. I bought a small tube and started applying it to the affected areas. Within two to four days, I noticed the angry pimples had subsided and flattened completely. I use it once every two days and every day during periods. It has lessened breakouts and improved my skin. 

I like the product and recommend it to everyone struggling with breakouts and inflammation. Let’s see what the others have to say.

Marie commented, “I have used thousands of acne spot treatments, and none has worked as effectively as this cream. Most ointments I had used were low-performing and only added to more skin issues, so I wasn’t expecting much. Surprisingly, it treated my active acne within a week without drying out my skin and causing irritation.”

Lion Pair Acne Cream Review

Camilla wrote, “I deal with acne-prone skin, and this cream is the it-product. I have been using this for three months now, and it has helped me curb acne. I am no longer worried about my skin breaking out as this cream is super effective and comfortable.”

Serena said, “I am a 26-year-old woman with susceptible skin. Every acne spot treatment cream has furthered my complications except this one. It is super light and gentle and does not feel heavy or clogged pores. The fragrance is mild and not overpowering. 

Gracy shared, “Since I deal with dehydrated skin, this product dries out my skin. Although it instantly treats my inflamed skin and calms my angry pimples, I need to double moisturize every time I apply this cream.”

Frequently Asked Questions | Lion Pair Acne Cream Review

Is the Lion Pair Cream worth it?

Yes, the Lion Pair Acne Cream is a Japanese anti-acne spot-on solution. It is effective and yields noticeable results with gradual use. Not only does it help to combat inflamed acne, but also it prevents breakouts and calms skin. Available at affordable deals, it is worth incorporating into your skincare routine.

What is the active ingredient in Lion Pair Acne Cream?

The active ingredients in the Lion Pair Acne Cream are Ibuprofen Piconol (IPPN) 3.0% and Isopropyl Methylphenol (IBPN) 0.3%. Both the ingredients combined possess anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that work to soothe skin and control breakouts.

Is the Lion Pair Cream worth it?

How do you use the Lion Pair Cream?

The Lion Pair Acne Cream can be used twice a day. One must apply a thin layer on the affected areas post-cleansing. You may use it after your serum and layer it with a moisturizer for intense hydration.

Where can you buy the Lion Pair Acne Cream?

The Lion Pair Acne Cream is available on its official website and other retail sites like Amazon, YesStyle, and eBay.

Closure | Lion Pair Acne Cream Review

Many skincare brands claim to treat acne efficiently, but unfortunately, most of them turn out to be marketing gimmicks. Most of the time, they do not work as effectively as they claim; instead, they add to non-existing skin issues such as redness and dryness. However, the Lion Pair Acne Cream is unlike other treatments. It is like a topical medication infused with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory active ingredients. 

The Japanese Anti Acne solution is a savior for many people who struggle with active acne and hormonal breakouts. In this Lion Pair Acne Cream review, I have delved deep into the functions and features of the cream and thrown light on its active ingredients. Furthermore, I have compiled real consumer reviews to help you understand the product and choose accordingly.

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