Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream Reviews | Is It Effective?

Are you troubled by vaginal dryness and looking for a product or solution to treat it? You could consider trying an estriol cream. Estriol creams aim to increase the natural lubrication of the vagina canal to reduce dryness and discomfort. One such estriol cream is the Silky Peach Cream by Parlor Games. Keep reading below if you are looking for Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream reviews. 

Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream Reviews

Menopause can lead to vaginal atrophy in many women. Vaginal atrophy is a condition where the vaginal skin becomes thin and dry due to reduced estrogen in the body. This can cause discomfort, including pain, itchiness, or a burning sensation. Occasionally, inflammation, discharge, or bleeding might also perturb a post-menopausal woman.

Trying estriol (estrogen) in some form can provide relief. When applied topically to the vaginal walls, it can heal the thinning skin and restore the walls. Therefore, in this review of the Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream, we will evaluate its effectiveness as an estriol cream. 

Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream Reviews | What Is The Product All About?

Quantity Available – 30 ml

Effective Against – UTI’s, Incontinence, Menopausal Intercourse Pain, Vaginal Dryness, & Itchiness

Silky Peach Cream is formulated by Parlor Games, a woman-owned company specializing in post-menopausal women’s products. The company also works towards the objective of promoting post-menopausal women’s health.

Estriol Silky Peach Cream is formulated from high-quality ingredients sourced from authentic vendors. The Parlor Games team ensures the combination of organic ingredients in the formulation to make a quality product. 

Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream Reviews

The estriol used in the Silky Peach Cream is a bioidentical ingredient. Bioidentical hormones have the same chemical structure as natural hormones, making them apt to send the correct chemical signals. Estriol is the mildest form of estrogen and is hence considered safe for use in topical formulations.

study suggests that when estriol is vaginally administered in low quantity, it can treat vaginal atrophy in post-menopausal women. Using a low concentration of the bioidentical hormone also lacks evidence of significant adverse effects. The product can be obtained directly from the Parlor Games website

So, if a question like “Is the silky peach legit?” is on your mind, let’s deep-dive further to analyze it. 

Silky Peach Cream Ingredients

In this section of the Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream reviews, we will look at the cream’s key ingredients.

Bioidentical Hormone: The Silky Peach Cream by Parlor Games contains bioidentical estriol. The benefit of using a bioidentical hormone is that it has the same structure as the natural hormone. Hence, it can transmit the same signals as the naturally occurring hormone in the body. 

Estriol is the mildest form of the female sex hormone estrogen. When used in low to moderate concentrations, it can help women deal with post-menopausal vaginal atrophy. According to a Phase II clinical trial study, 0.005% of estriol has been proven beneficial to treat vulvovaginal atrophy.

Vitamin E: This estriol cream is enriched with tocopherol acetate, a potent form of vitamin E. Vitamin E is known for its ability to neutralize free radicals. But it is also frequently used in topical products due to its anti–inflammatory effect on dermal tissue.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera leaf gel is a natural moisturizer and can help reduce inflammation, dryness, and itchiness of the vaginal skin. 

Silky Peach Cream Ingredients

Probiotic: This formulation also contains Lactobacillus probiotic, which would help restore the natural microflora of the vulvovaginal region.

Organic ingredients: The other organic ingredients present in the cream are coconut fruit extract, sunflower seed oil, cucumber peel extract, and radish root ferment filtrate. The coconut fruit extract has an emollient property and can help soften the vaginal tissue. 

Cucumber extract and sunflower seed oil act as hydrating and calming agents. Finally, beetroot is effective in reducing inflammation.

Active Ingredients: Other active agents incorporated in the formulation are beeswax, shea butter, cupuacu butter, and glycerin. While beeswax acts as a natural antimicrobial agent, shea butter and glycerin have moisturizing abilities. Cupuacu butter has proven its ability to improve vaginal elasticity.

Inactive Ingredients: Sodium hydroxide is one ingredient in the formulation that acts as a pH balancer. 

What does the Silky Peach Cream claim to do?

According to Parlor Games, the Silky Peach Cream aims to resolve the following problems in post-menopausal women:

Treating Vaginal Atrophy

Estriol, in the form of a bioidentical hormone, has already been found effective in treating vaginal atrophy. Thus, it can heal the vaginal tissue and restore the natural lubrication and pH of the vulvovaginal area. 

Thus, users can bid adieu to dryness, itching, and discomfort. The estriol and cupuacu butter in the formulation can also regenerate the elasticity of the vaginal tissue. This helps in reducing the pain experienced by post-menopausal women during intercourse. 

Effective against UTI and incontinence

The estriol contained in the topical formulation is absorbed through the skin. As the concentration of estriol increases in the body, it can also help women fight urinary tract infections. Furthermore, it can contribute to making the urethra and bladder healthy, which can help in reducing incontinence issues.

Silky Peach Cream

Key Highlights of the Estriol Silky Peach Cream

Clinically strong formulation

The Silky Peach Cream is a clinically strong formulation as it contains multiple ingredients that have been clinically proven effective. Estriol is a mild source of estrogen that can improve health issues arising due to a decline in estrogen levels.

At lower concentrations, it is considered safe for use in perimenopause, menopause, and postmenopause. It also contains numerous other organic and active ingredients, making the product beneficial in multiple ways.

Bioidentical hormone

As mentioned earlier, bioidentical hormones are more effective than non-bioidentical hormones. This is because they are similar in structure and can generate the same signals as the natural hormone.

Paraben and Sulfate-Free

This formulation is paraben and sulfate-free. In place of chemical preservatives, the formulation utilizes sodium benzoate, a food-grade preservative.

Directions for Use

Users should take two pumps of the cream daily and massage it onto the labia and perineum. Users can expect at least a 43% transformation and begin feeling its effectiveness after about a month of use. With gradual use, the improvement felt is significant. It takes about three to four months to restore the vaginal tissue, according to the makers of the cream.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream

Below, I have listed the merits and demerits of Estriol Silky Peach Cream to offer you an unbiased perspective on the product.


  • Affordable
  • The chief ingredient, estriol, is clinically proven to be effective for addressing vaginal atrophy.
  • Contains several organic ingredients to improve vaginal health.
  • The incorporated probiotic restores the vaginal microflora.
  • Also contains a natural antimicrobial agent.
  • Parabens and sulfate-free.


  • Contains an irritating ingredient.
  • The estriol concentration in the formulation is unknown.

Things To Be Cautious About Before Purchasing the Cream

Some women might experience a stinging and burning sensation after applying the cream. This is because the vaginal skin is already tender when women start using the product. Therefore, brand experts believe that experiencing such sensations is normal in the beginning. With continuous use, as the vaginal walls are restored, users can expect a reduction in the stinging sensation.

The product seems to have multiple beneficial ingredients and claims to be effective against post-menopausal vaginal atrophy. But the only downside of this formulation that I felt was worth mentioning is the unknown concentration of estriol in it. Also, it contains sodium benzoate as a preservative, known as a potential irritant. 

Therefore, women can seek their physician’s advice once before using the product. Also, a physician’s advice is recommended as the FDA doesn’t approve bioidentical hormonal products.

Alternative Ways to Address Vaginal Health Woes?

If you are looking for alternative ways to improve your vaginal health, here are some recommended tips from health experts.

Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream
  • Try an omega-3 fatty acid oral supplement to get relief from vaginal dryness and discomfort.
  • Another excellent approach you can take to heal your vaginal dryness is to use some probiotic oral supplementation, which would easily restore the vaginal microflora.
  • It is to be noted that the FDA doesn’t recommend bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to treat menopausal symptoms.

Other Estriol Creams Available on Amazon 

Here are some alternatives to the estriol Silky Peach Cream that you can find on Amazon.

Bezwecken OstaDerm-V Crème

This is a 2.0-ounce cream by Bezwecken. The OstaDerm-V Crème is formulated by experts to treat vaginal dryness and post-menopausal vaginal atrophy. It is also effective in treating vaginitis symptoms as well. The makers claim that this is a gentle and non-irritating formulation. 

It is formulated with progesterone, estriol, and estradiol. The formulation is further enriched with vitamin E. The OstaDerm-V cream is an alcohol-free and paraben-free formulation. It doesn’t contain mineral oil, animal products, or petroleum. Additionally, it is a non-irritating topical cream for sensitive skin.

Aloe Cadabra Bedew Natural Intimate Moisturizing System

The Aloe Cadabra 2.9-ounce moisturizing gel by BEDEW is made up of natural ingredients to lubricate the vaginal canal and keep it balanced. It can provide relief from vaginal dryness and discomfort. It is formulated to lower the pH of the vaginal canal with the help of natural ingredients.

It is a non-sticky and non-messy formula free of parabens, sulfates, GMOs, dyes, fragrances, silicone, glycerin, and glycol. It is formulated with 95% aloe vera and contains other organic ingredients, such as safflower oil and xanthan gum.

Customer Reviews | Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream Reviews

Kate offered her insights on using this cream. She has rated the product 5 stars and believes the product has done what it promised to do. Furthermore, she has even tried the product on her face and has seen a visible reduction in wrinkles and spots.

Betty, another customer, found this product to be a game changer in improving her intercourse experience after using it for seven years now. She is no longer having to deal with vaginal dryness and discomfort. She has also stopped experiencing pain.

Amanda noted that she didn’t notice much changes after using the Silky Peach Cream. Thus, she isn’t planning to purchase this product further.

Frequently Asked Questions | Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream Reviews

Is Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream safe?

As per research, estriol is the safest and mildest form of estrogen. Therefore, the estriol Silky Peach Cream is safe to use. It also contains multiple other organic, natural antimicrobial, and probiotic components. However, the concentration of estriol in the cream is unknown. Further, sodium benzoate in the formulation may cause skin irritation. 

How long does it take for Peachy Cream to work?

As per the brand experts, the estriol Silky Peach Cream can take up to three to four weeks to make a woman start noticing the difference. However, multiple TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram influencers would urge you to take the silky peach cream 28-day challenge. Only with regular use can women witness a gradual transformation in the vaginal tissue.

How long does it take for Peachy Cream to work?

Is Silky Peach Cream FDA-approved?

The FDA clearly warns against bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. However, from a few studies, it has been seen that topical estriol is safe to use at low doses. However, the FDA has not specifically approved drugs or products containing bioidentical hormones.

Where can I buy Silky Peach Cream?

You can purchase Silky Peach Cream directly from the Parlor Games website. The product is currently not available on Amazon or Walmart. But its alternatives, as mentioned above in the article, can be found on Amazon.

Parlor Games Silky Peach Cream Reviews: What’s Our Take?

As we wrap up this Silky Peach Cream review, we have found out that it contains several effective ingredients, including a bioidentical hormone. It claims to reduce dryness, pain, and itching in the vulvovaginal region with the recommended use. Consumers can use this product regularly for up to three months to experience regeneration of the vaginal tissue. 

However, they will begin noticing changes after the third week of regular use. When women use the cream regularly for three-four months, they can experience a significant improvement in their well-being. But as recommended before, post-menopausal women can seek advice from their physician once.

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