Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream Review | How Does It Work?

People with dry skin or sensitive skin prone to redness know how uncomfortable and challenging it gets to manage. Sometimes, random things make the skin react, environmental factors, dirt, or touching your skin. This either turns your dry skin irritated and tight or makes your sensitive skin more inflamed. In cases like these, soothing creams come as saviors that feel like a sigh of relief and contentment.

Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream Review

Soothing creams are like warm hugs to your skin, formulated with ingredients that calm your irritated and inflamed skin. One has been making online rounds about soothing creams, such as the Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream. People are loving its texture, feel, performance, and how moisturizing it is. But is it really what they say it is? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered! Here’s a detailed Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream review to tell yourself if that’s the case!

Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream Review | DIVE IN To Know The Truth

A skincare brand known for its innovative approach to skincare, where there is a huge emphasis on effectiveness and quality, Torriden harnesses the duo-power, the power of nature and science. The brand offers various skincare products that cater to different skin types and needs so no individual feels left out and can happily achieve their desired results. The famous and stand-out lineups from the brand DIVE IN made users go gaga! Just as refreshing as the name sounds, the products are formulated to give you a replenishing and rejuvenating experience!

Torriden DIVE-IN Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Cream 3.38 fl oz | Revitalizing Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive, Dry Skin | Fragrance-free, Alcohol-free, No Colorants | Vegan, Cruelty-Free
  • [BOUNCY SOOTHING CREAM] Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Soothing Cream focuses on hydrating and soothing skin and preventing moisture loss. This moistuful gel cream absorbs quickly and deeply into your skin!
  • [5D COMPLEX HYALURONIC ACID]: 5 types of molecules of HA allows moisture to absorb immediately, deeply, and densely inside your skin to by building 3D networks in the layers of the skin to maintain hydration and moisturization to plump your skin.
  • [BOUNCY AND ELASTIC GEL-TYPE] Dive-In Soothing Cream has bouncy and elastic gel-type texture that completes your skin care routine by boosting the last minute hydration and moisturization that just your skin needs. Dive-In skincare line is ideal for oily and dehydrated skin type.
  • [SAFE & HYPOALLERGENIC] Free of artificial fragrance, colorants, parabens, mineral oils, isopropyl alcohol, and other ingredients. They've been tested to be not irritating for skin, and the formula is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne prone skin.
  • [CLEAN BEAUTY] Our goal is to pursue clean, safe, and sustainable beauty for the future, and so we made our products certified VEGAN and use FSC Certified packaging. All of our products include no animal-derived ingredients or animal testing (cruelty-free).

About Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream

If you’re looking for a one-line description for the DIVE IN Soothing Cream, here it is – this cream feels like a cold breeze on a hot day! This splash of goodness is also described as a calming facial moisturizer by the brand that deeply hydrates your skin and restores the moisture barrier. With a better moisture barrier, the cream improves the moisture retention ability, so your skin does not have to feel dehydrated. And, of course, the incredible soothing benefit it provides to oily, dehydrated, and combination skin is worth mentioning!

Key Ingredients 

5D Hyaluronic Acid Complex

5D Hyaluronic Acid Complex is a mixture of hyaluronic acid molecules of different molecular weights. This is done to improve the benefits it can provide to the skin. This complex makes the hyaluronic acid penetrate and dive deep into the skin to provide deep hydration. Doing this helps plump up skin, which can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines. This 5D complex also ensures that the hydration that has reached different layers of the skin is retained for a long time so your skin does not get dry.


Allantoin is often used in skincare products for its moisturizing properties. It helps in hydrating the skin and retaining moisture in the skin. This non-irritating agent is also known for its calming properties, making this cream suitable for dry skin. You know what’s more, this is also a mildly exfoliating agent that gently kicks off dead skin cells off your skin so there is an improved skin texture. 

Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream ingredients


Panthenol also does a similar job to Allantoin in that it provides humectant benefits and is used in several skincare products. So, it attracts moisture from the environment and keeps it trapped in the skin so your skin can stay hydrated and supple. Remember, hydration is the key, especially for those struggling with dry and irritated skin. Panthenol also offers soothing benefits to the skin, which can be very helpful for people with inflamed and easily irritated skin types.

Blue Complex

Here’s another important complex, a blend of 6 natural herbal ingredients carefully selected for their benefits. This unique blend provides hydrating properties that replenish the moisture levels in your skin. Another important benefit is their soothing benefit, which promotes relaxation.

It is also important to protect your skin, especially when it falls into sensitive and dehydrated skin. Because they can either get damaged too easily or start showing premature signs of aging. Hence, this blend also promotes antioxidant benefits that neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from environmental damage.

How To Use The Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream?

This normal facial moisturizer is intended to provide hydration, relaxation, and moisturization to your skin. So that means you don’t have to hassle with it because the application process is just like other moisturizers and is very simple. Follow the steps mentioned below to benefit from its true potential.

  • Start by cleansing your face. Then, continue your skincare routine by toning and treating your skin. Use a toner and a serum before diving into the soothing cream.
  • Scoop out or squeeze out a desirable amount of the cream from the jar or tube.
  • Then, apply it on your face evenly. Massage it into your skin. Don’t be aggressive, and rub it into your skin. Enjoy the process calmly while the soothing cream makes your skin feel calm and relaxed.
  • Here’s an additional tip: Use this soothing cream as a sleeping mask at night by applying a generous amount. This will help you achieve a dewy radiance because your skin gets soaked in the cream, and a splash of hydration will make your skin glow.
How To Use The Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream?

Benefits of Using The Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream

  • The Soothing Cream feels like a splash of much-needed hydration for your skin. 
  • It has key ingredients known for their skin benefits like hydration, soothing, moisturization, etc.
  • The Blue Complex offers much-needed hydration and repairing benefits to the skin.
  • Panthenol and Allantoin provide hydration and a calming feel to the skin.
  • They also mildly exfoliate the skin to get a better skin texture.
  • It promotes a refreshed and revitalized complexion.
  • Consistent use makes the skin supple and plump, plumping out lines and wrinkles.
  • It helps restore the natural balance of the skin.
  • The inflammation and redness is reduced.
  • The formula absorbs well into the skin.
  • Your skin feels smooth and refreshed.
  • You can use it as a daily moisturizer.
  • You can achieve a dewy glow with regular use as a night cream.
  • You can get the same cream in a tube form, which is travel-friendly and easy to use.
  • Fragrance-free.


  • According to some users, the soothing cream did not feel as moisturizing as it should have. 
  • Because of this, it may not suit someone with dehydrated skin.
  • Some users also felt that this moisturizer had to be paired with another.

Test Results

“Seeing is believing,” and the skincare enthusiasts would agree! By seeing, what I mean here is the actual proof of whether the product works or not. This proof is often shown in clinical or test results, wherein users report what their skin feels after using the product. Here’s a report on the test results based on Moisture level, moisture retention, and skin soothing.

 Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream
  • Moisture Level: Based on 20 participants, the users felt an instant moisture increase, about 145.02%. This was on immediate use of the soothing cream.
  • Moisture Retention: Similarly, after 4 weeks of use, the users felt a 30.85% increase in the moisture content.
  • Skin Soothing: Users reported a whopping 109.7% increase in their skin recovery from physical stress, meaning an instant skin-soothing effect.

Customer Feedback | Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream Review

A user named Peppa said, ‘This cream is good for younger skin. The texture of the cream is nice and smooth, and it smells good. However, I feel it did not hydrate my mature skin enough. My mature skin is more towards the dry and sensitive side. So, if you have mature skin like me, around 40+, and are looking for hydration, this may not be your answer. If you want to know what it looks and feels like, it is similar to Neutrogena Hydro Boost. It is pretty similar, in my opinion.’

Katherin disappointedly shared, ‘My skin did not feel moisturized. It is not moisturizing enough for me. As some other reviews said, after applying this one, my skin still needed more moisturization. This didn’t work for me because this step was supposed to be my last step. Maybe it is suitable for people with oily skin.’

Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream before and after

Another user, Polina, happily commented, ‘I initially bought this for me, but now my husband uses it because he loved it so much. It is perfect in every sense. It does not clog pores; neither is it sticky, nor is the texture very thick. My skin does not feel suffocated after applying it and feels very comfortable.

The gel texture absorbs instantly into the skin. There is no fragrance or smell, and I love this fact! My skin type is dry to normal, and I use moisturizer daily in winter. I have fair and sensitive skin that gets easily irritated and becomes red, but this moisturizer has done miracles for me! My husband has oily skin, but it works amazingly for him too!’

Lisa D. shared, ‘It is an amazing lightweight option. I bought it when summer started because I wanted a lightweight and gel-like option for my moisturizer. I use this instead of my other skincare products; it does not pill. The best part is that it does not feel sticky, either. As it gets colder, I layering something a little heavier on top. However, for oily and combination skin, I feel this is an excellent option!’

FAQs | Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream Review

What does the 5D Hyaluronic Acid Complex do in the Soothing Cream?

The 5D hyaluronic acid complex is a multidimensional approach to achieve high hydration levels for better skin health. Together, these different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid allow hydration at different levels of the skin. This means it dives deep into the skin, penetrates through different layers, and performs hydration. This deep moisturization promotes plumpness and elasticity of the skin, giving you a youthful glow.

What skin type is Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream suitable for?

According to the brand, the soothing cream suits oily, dehydrated, and combination skin. The ingredients present in it quench the thirst of dehydrated skin. It moisturizes the skin and makes it feel soothed and calm. 

Can Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream be used under makeup?

The texture is lightweight, and it absorbs into the skin instantly. It also does not pill, so you can use it under makeup. It can also provide a smooth base for makeup application while providing hydration to your skin throughout the day.


Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream has been a go-to solution for addressing important skincare concerns. This Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream Review has been especially beneficial for people who face problems because of their dry or easily irritated skin that turns red. The Soothing cream harnesses the power of innovative ingredients like the 5D Hyaluronic acid complex that not only hydrates the skin but also improves overall skin health. 

The soothing cream is a gentle but effective formula. There have been no Torriden DIVE IN Soothing Cream reviews from users claiming it caused breakouts. Moreover, there were lots of users who felt that this soothing cream was suitable for people with oily skin. So, if you fall in that category, you should try it and let us know!

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